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Red Tent Sisters
Red Tent Sisters

: Red Tent Sisters


: Kim Sedgwick

: http://www.redtentsisters.com/

: info@redtentsisters.com

: 416-463-8368

: Red Tent Sisters is a physical and online resource to support healthy and positive experiences in the most intimate parts of our lives. The term "red tent" was borrowed from the fictional novel of the same name to depict the idea of a safe space for women to come together and share wisdom and knowledge throughout the stages of a woman's life - be it conception, pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion, motherhood, menstruation or menopause. We have worked hard to create both a physical space to support these issues (our storefront at 810 Danforth Ave.), an emotional space (through our programs) and several virtual spaces (including an online store called ecosex.ca, our blog - Amy & Kim In Conversation, and our Facebook page) to achieve our goal. Throughout these spaces you will find several unifying themes: * A focus on earth-friendly and body-friendly alternatives to mainstream products * A dedication to female empowerment and female pleasure * A commitment to informed decision making* A mandate to improve the lives of women by facilitating self-exploration and body literacy