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Inner Fire Temple
Inner Fire Temple

: Inner Fire Temple


: Shahrazad

: http://www.innerfiretemple.com

: info@innerfiretemple.com

: Wholistic sexual healing through spiritual sexuality and shamanism. Shahrazad specializes in creating opportunities and spaces wherein people from all walks of life can experience “sexual healing”. She defines sexual healing as the experience of a change in one’s inner state that leads to an improvement in one’s health, happiness, sense of harmony, hope, and/or general humour, that emerges as a result of engaging directly and honestly with one’s sexual/sensual self. The healing process may include counselling, coaching, and hands-on somatic work. The opportunity for healing occcurs through the creation of a non-judgemental, safe container of unconditional love in which all possibilities for learning and experience exist. In this container, you can give voice to ANY needs, issues, pains, intentions and desires that you may have or that you may have difficult expressing in other arenas of your life. These are the stirrings of your soul, calling you to expand into the fullness of your potential as a sacred human being whose birthright it is to experience pleasure. Inner Fire Temple also offers educational workshops and events.