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Coaching By Cheri

: Coaching By Cheri


: Cheri Michael

: http://www.cherimichael.com

: info@cherimichael.com

: Cheri Michael is a sexuality educator and coach committed to helping others discover - and be - their sacred selves by exploring their sexuality. She uses expressive arts in her coaching sessions, workshops and specially designed programs for individuals, partners, and groups. Cheri’s broad spectrum of clients includes therapists and other practitioners, helping them assess their personal comfort and professional readiness in dealing with their clients’ sexuality concerns.  Utilizing her experience and training, Cheri provides support services such as mentoring and workshops to assist others in their own sexuality exploration.

Cheri works collaboratively with her clients addressing goals which may involve sexual self-acceptance, sacred sexuality exploration and enhancing orgasm. Cheri guides the process as much or little as is needed and helps her clients gain relevant skills, techniques and knowledge.  She builds on the positive and on the “right now” to bring about the desired goal, and addresses the past when needed rather than focusing on it. As part of her ongoing commitment to personal development, Cheri has spent years exploring her sexuality to increase pleasure and find balance in her life. She explores various sacred sexuality paths, attends courses, conferences and workshops ranging in topics from sexual health to approaches in using the expressive arts. Cheri continues to expand knowledge base and experience.



  • Spec. Honours BA in Psych (York University) (with some focus on expressive arts)
  • Path of the Qadishti Level 1 certificate (a training program focused on teaching people to give sacred touch)
  • Graduated From a 3-Year Shamanic Training Program
  • 7 years as a sex-positive sex educator
  • Over 12 years as an expressive arts facilitator
  • 20 years as a multidisciplinary artist
  • Currently Enrolled in Yoga of Sex
  • Coordinator and student advisor of the current Path of the Qadishti Level 1
  • Experience working with various organizations including A.C.T. AIDS Committee of Toronto), University of Toronto and Aangen Community Centre

Areas of expertise and experience:

Cheri has considerable experience working with individual clients and groups in many aspects of self awareness, empowerment and sexuality.  Extensive training & experience in sexuality including:
    • five years employment at Good For Her (sex positive sex shop and education centre)
    • STI awareness and training
    • Anti-prejudice training
    • Training to assist others with:
    • Achieving and/or enhancing orgasm
    • Sex toys
    • assistive devices
    • Sexual positions for comfort and pleasure
    • Techniques for giving pleasure to a partner
    • Sacred Sexuality

Current Focus of Study 

Cheri continues to expand her methods of assisting clients in learning  new ways to have sex, to  work with challenges in their sex life and to connect with themselves and their partners. The practice and awareness involved in somatic learning offers effective approaches for addressing various topics related to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of sex and sexuality, such as staying present and connected.